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Name:a panfandom dressingroom
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The Pillow Fort IS OPEN

     You wake up in a city it doesn’t matter where— a bedroom, an intersection, in a park, just somewhere in a city—and you quickly realize… this wasn’t where you were last. Or maybe you were just passing through on your way to somewhere else…. And couldn’t find your way out. Whatever the circumstances, you’re stuck in a city with thousands of other inhabitants; many are just like you, stuck with no way out.

     Welcome to the Pillow Fort. A panfandom dressing room for anyone and everyone to join in on the fun. There will be scheduled events and setting suggestions, however everyone is free to play out whatever universes or settings they want to :]

     The Pillowfort is set in a city called… well The City. There is no real name because the locals know no other place. And they will all be amazed by your characters’ stories of “far off places”.

     The City is a large-city with no borders. There’s a bay, however the water extends on and on and it’s impassable. It doesn’t matter what language you speak or what kind of dialect you have, everyone can understand you and you can understand everyone else.

     That isn’t all that’s strange about this place. Weird things such as setting changes, freak storms, or even monster attacks happen out of nowhere. No one knows how to explain it… and the locals aren’t even that thrown by it. However, new inhabitants should be on their toes. Who knows what’s around the corner!

1. This is a panfandom dressing room. All fandoms and OCs are allowed, as well as AUs.

2. No apps! Just go press the join button and start posting!

3. As this is a dressing room, expect duplicates/multiples.

4. The "Don't be a Jerk" rule. What it says on the can. Any flaming, making people feel uncomfortable, stalking, pressuring or what have you will earn you a ban. We want everyone to have fun and feel safe in this comm.

5. Smut IS allowed, however, put a warning on it or put it behind a cut :]

6. Anything else that is potentially offensive should go behind a cut and have a warning as well

7. If you have issues or questions bring it up to the mods!

     Right now you are viewing the MAIN COMM. This is where all the IC posts happen! If you have any questions about our tagging system please go HERE. Otherwise just join and start posting! :]

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